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An indispensable tool for installers and manufacturers of switchboards and control cabinets. Light weight, small size and built-in internal memory allow you to work, including in the field. Marker indexes are entered in the device menu, which facilitates the selection of the appropriate material and its dimensions. After selecting the type of marking, the printer automatically adjusts the position of the text, and also adjusts the cutting depth. A user-friendly backlit screen with high resolution, as well as a simple QWERTY keyboard will allow you to quickly enter additional symbols. With a simple interface, using the printer is very easy. The printer is presented in a similar version with the Russian alphabet (Cyrillic) on the keyboard.

• Latest model of the most popular marker printer for cables, wires, connectors and electrical components
• Feeds, prints (at a maximum speed of 40 mm/s) and cuts profiles fed from the outside or unwound from internal cassettes
• New menu with product indexes - the printer automatically sets the position of the text on the marker and the corresponding depth of cut
• Text is entered using the built-in keyboard or transmitted from a computer
• Easy to use, ideal for marking electrical installations and components in switchgear and automation cabinets
Print speed
40 mm/sec
Text height (mm)
1.3, 2, 3, 6
Max Rows
Working temperature
с 15 °C до 32,5 °C
300 mm
250 mm
85 mm
2 kg
Thermal transfer
Resolution print
300 dpi
60000 characteristics
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Russian Marking Systems

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